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First, is phenomenal racing here, in front of this wonderful crowd…[he stops, thrilled, while the crowd starts screaming]…this crowd that cheer and there are no fans like that. I don’t know what to say, why this happened to me today, but I think it was so much emotion, to be racing here, in not finish in the position that I should in front of you, just for being here in front of you. I think it’s difficult to find the right word, the right word is that I love doing what I do and I love racing here - Felipe Massa, on the podium, interviewed by Nelson Piquet (x)

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baby dinosaurs

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Sergio Perez



Oh hi. Wasn’t I just in you? No? Must go back soon then.

4 weeks!


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That day really hurt, hurt a lot - Felipe Massa (x)

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Smedley to ‘cut all the slack out’ at Williams F1 Team


Rob Smedley says he will “cut all the slack out” now that he has taken charge at Williams.

Having moved from Ferrari over the winter, Smedley began work in his role as head of vehicle performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Overseeing work both at the track and back at the factory, Smedley has wide scope to influence the team and - after more points were lost for Felipe Massa in China - he said he will be making his presence felt quickly.

“There are areas that we need to improve, there’s no doubt about it,” he said. It’s clear and I’m not going to hide behind that and say that there isn’t and it’s all fantastic; it’s clearly not. That’s part of what I’m here to do, to help the middle management structure create a much slicker, better operation.

“It’s not down to any one individual, the issues that we have. I spoke with all the guys after the race and even the guys who brought the tyres out for the pit stops or whatever, I said ‘if you want to blame anyone then blame me, because that is what I’m paid to do’. I take that s**t on my shoulders; that’s my position within the team.

“I’m not going to stand here and make excuses that I’ve only been here three weeks because that’s not acceptable either. I have only been here three weeks but I’m in charge now. So I need to get the whole thing working better, working more efficiently, cut all the slack out of it, cut all the mistakes, all the reliability issues and that will undoubtedly move us up the grid.”

And Smedley admitted his Ferrari background has helped him to come in and see key areas where Williams needs to improve.

“When you come from somewhere where it’s all very well sorted – certainly operationally-wise – it’s pretty good down at the old place. So perhaps things are quite obvious to me which aren’t quite so obvious to the other guys. The analogy I use is at the old place if you wanted to get the apples off the trees you needed a longer and longer stick, and here you’re walking through and you’ve got so many apples you don’t know which one to pick.”

Story by Chris Medland Crash.net



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BSB - Brands Hatch Indy 2014

MRWSC writes this sadly, having just read that Cal won’t be racing in Argentina this weekend, but must struggle on with its mission to keep an historical record of the attire of one of television’s foremost stylistas (at least until Game of Thrones comes on - we’re not used to doing this on a Monday).

As we feared, Matt was mostly hidden underneath his Eurosport jacket thanks to the rain - although it did give us the chance to see ‘wet look’ Matt. Look at him there, trying not to pretend that he isn’t freaking out about The Quiff being compromised. We think you did really well!

We assume that light coloured chinos were a big no-no given the muddy conditions, so we were happy to see Matt jazzing up his lower half with MORE blue trainers. We guess that he needed something comfortable on his feet. After all, with a five and a half hour long show, this was at least five hours more screen time than Matt was ever accorded at the BBC (as much as we miss their MotoGP coverage. DESPERATELY).

But wait! What’s that peeking out of the top of the boring Eurosport jacket, like a little spring snowdrop making its way up from the wintry earth? Why, it’s the peach shirt. A sensible choice; being both easy to wear yet attention-grabbing.

Congratulations Matt. A new paddock, a new channel, and you still remained true to your smart/casual roots.

I particularly like that Saturday’s jacket (with the weird dusty aubergine patches) was done up right to the top, as is smart/casual law.

BBC Radio 5Live Felipe Massa - "Happy" China 2014

Felipe chooses 5Live’s formation lap music for the 2014 Chinese GP.