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Can we take a moment to appreciate Checo´s duck face?

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I lie awake all night staring at the canopy, thinking about how they died.


We pray for you, Schumi



A peryton is a mythological creature with the body of a stag and the wings and hindquarters of a bird. It is said to cast the shadow of a man until it kills one during its lifetime, from then on it casts its true shadow. 


my ride

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"My cat frequently acts like she’s a spy whose cover has just been blown." [lexisayok]

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Joan Jett photographed by Brad Elterman at the Tropicana Motel 1978 (x)

Valentino Rossi vs. The Tech3 Armada, 2014 Grand Prix of the Americas.

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Because Karel gets no love!

Karel Abraham finished the race yesterday in 14th position, after:

He now equals his total points score from 2013 after two rounds.