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…or a red bearded man?

Suze stop

9 PICTURES OF : Felipe Massa - Requested by forzaformula1

That fifth one.

Also did we ever find out why he had a mark on his nose? Looks like a ‘I was wearing my sunnies and my son beaned me in the face’ war wound.


grandchelem: I think they said (on Italian TV maybe?) he hit his face on a shelf in the morning… Idek XD

hahahahahahaa fuck


Ryan Hall

from Spirited Away





Some things change, but he still Never Listens.

Rob’s ‘Oh sod it’ expression at the very end is pure gold.

Oh I love the two of youse so I do.

(I didn’t see this live because I muted the entire pre-show yesterday, then hid in the shed until lap 1 was over.)

At least Felipe is getting a quick thumbs up :D

I’m just imagining Andrew being like “You talk to him, I just don’t feel like I’m getting through to him” and Rob being like “*sigh* That’s normal” but doing it anyway

Or Andrew has already reached the point of just telling Felipe to wise up. Hashtag melter.

That’s my photo and the source is here, ta.

Dear Sergio please to not be wearings hat ever

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Fun holidays with Pol (x)




Love this pic :)

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My next post was going to be #1000, so I decided to make that a redraw of this.

YESSSSSSSSS dat sassy face~